The "Other Women" Series

The artist is a woman, and these are not self portraits, so she calls this series Other Women! In this collection, Pat's natural linear style is unrestrained (a relief after the constraints of traditional watercolor technique) and the initial spontaneous drawing energy is embraced, not erased -- whatever the outcome. The result is sometimes traditional, sometimes abstract, sometimes both at once, but always with a contemporary feel.

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Walking Her Dog


Alice Goes Dancing

The New eNovel

One Yellow Rose (means goodbye)

Is That Him?

Trying It On


Her Name Is Lola. She Was A Showgirl

Sitting On Top Of The World

Blonde Descending A Staircase


A Walk Past Central Park In Winter

Featherhat Winedance

The Princess Dress


Noir Avenue

I'd Like To Change The World

Green Girl

Girl With Emerald Hair

Blue Girl


Lamplight And Music

Piece Of Work

The Colors Of Jazz

Midcentury Desert Scene


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A watercolorist specializing in maritime art for over thirty years, Pat's watercolors are applauded for capturing the many moods of the sea and for preserving historic landmarks that were at once critical to survival and the fodder for entertaining stories.

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